SepPuKu “Dekompositiones”

SepPuKu “Dekompositiones”

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Side Effekt Records (UK) 1983
SER 3 (12") Original pressing.
sleeve : EX-(SRW, slightly dirts and small spots.)
media : EX/EX(side A has one very slightly hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

SPK, a leading Australian industrial band formed in 1978, released this 12" single in 1983 under the name SepPuKu. A1 has a heavy, hard beat, hammer percussion, arabic synthesizer melodies, and decadent vocals that resonate darkly. B2 is a mixture of dark ambient essence and Middle Eastern sounds. The sound seems to be inspired by Arabic music rather than Japan, but the metallic blows sound like swords clashing against each other. The photo of a samurai at the moment of seppuku (ritual suicide) and the notation "Seppkuku - (the Japanese art of ritual suicide)" used on the cover are quite amazing.

B1: Twilight of the idols
B2: Culturcide

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