Sery Simplice et Les Freses Djatis “Le Roi du Gbegre”

Sery Simplice et Les Freses Djatis “Le Roi du Gbegre”

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Sery Simplice
Le Roi du Gbegre
Ogua International Records (Ivory Coast) 1983
OIR 011 (LP) one side coated sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(SRW, slightly dirts on back, light collapse on one corner.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Album released in 1983 by West African Ivory Coast singer Sery Simplice and his group Les Freses Djatis, who were active in the 1980s. A1, a fast beat with a distinctive backbeat, cheesy organ and clean-toned guitar, A2, a house-pitched four-beat with a distinctive hi-hat that lingers in the ear and a gentle groove. B1/B2 are three beat tracks that sound like polyrhythms. This danceable work contains four tracks with very impressive primitive and percussive rhythms that are different from the typical soukous. The dead-voiced vocals/chorus also match the sound.

A2: Oyriguele
B2: Ayilaba Kale

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