Shinichi Yuize “Rokudan, Godan-Kinuta”

Shinichi Yuize “Rokudan, Godan-Kinuta”

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六段・五段砧 / 箏 名曲と名演奏
CBS/Sony (Japan) 1971
SOJH-15 (LP) 帯, インサート
sleeve : EX(裏面一部ごくわずかな汚れ)
media : EX/EX(わずかにチリノイズが入る箇所あり)

Shinichi Yuize is the eldest son of Sozan Yuize, a shakuhachi player of the Tozan School, and Kikue Yuize, a koto player of the Ikuta School. He learned shakuhachi and koto from his childhood, and studied under Michio Miyagi, a koto player, when he was a student at Tokyo Music School. In the 1950s, he studied orchestration and contemporary music composition with Henry Cowell, and has since performed with various symphony orchestras and composed many contemporary Japanese compositions. This album was released in 1971. The collection includes classical pieces such as "Rokudan no Shirabe" which is said to have been composed by Kengyo Yatsuhashi, the founder of early modern koto music, and "Godan Kinuta," composed by Kengyo Kohsaki the forerunner of the movement for the restoration of koto music in the late Edo period, as well as modern pieces such as "Yottsu No Fugetta" and "Sankyoku Dai-ichi," which absorb elements of Western music. Among them, please pay attention to the contemporary pieces B2/B3, in which famous shakuhachi players such as Hozan Yamamoto and Shizuo Aoki participated.

B2: 四つのフューゲッタ
B3: 三曲第一番

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