Shuretsu Miyashita “Works of Shuretsu Miyashita 4”

Shuretsu Miyashita “Works of Shuretsu Miyashita 4”

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Shuretsu Miyashita
Works of Shuretsu Miyadhita 4
Victor (Japan) 1976
SJL-84 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(light collapse on one corner, slightly color-faded on some parts.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

This is the fourth collection of works released in 1976 by Miyashita Shu limpid, a Japanese koto player who contributed to the development of the Japanese music world and was instrumental in the development and popularization of the 30-string koto. A1 is a trio of Michiko Takahashi on marimba, Shin Miyashita on koto, and KAtsuya Yokoyama on shakuhachi, an excellent piece with an oriental atmosphere in a very contemporary composition. B1 is also trio performance by percussion instruments, flute and cello. B2 is a solo koto piece by Shin Miyashita, composed of three parts (slow, fast, and slow) and rich in lyrical melody.

A1: マリンバと邦楽器のための「妙」
B2: 箏独奏曲「陽」

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