Stomu Yamashta "Sea & Sky"

Stomu Yamashta "Sea & Sky"

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Stomu Yamashta
Sea & Sky
Victor (Japan) 1984
SJX-30221 (LP) Original pressing. w/obi, insert(color-faded).
sleeve : EX-(some slightly spots.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Album released in 1984 by world-renowned percussionist/synthesist Sutomu Yamash'ta. The original soundtrack album for the film Kukai, which was produced to commemorate the 1,150th anniversary of Kobo-Daishi Kukai's fall into deep meditation, for which Yamashita wrote the music, was re-arranged and performed with orchestra and synthesizers, and presented as his own original work, as featured in the first edition of the guidebook obscure sound. The mixing/mastering also makes full use of the latest technology of the time, and the sound quality has been considerably refined. The piece opens with the solemn sound of bells and sutra chanting in silence, and the very fine synthesiser sound leads you into a deep meditative world in the opening track A1, while A2 expresses karma with its heart-beating bass synthesiser drone and high-range synthesiser contrast. It is a masterpiece of spiritual music that gives the listener a sense of a grand story that goes beyond the realm of a mere soundtrack, and is truly a masterpiece of spiritual music.

A1: A Photon
A3: Appeared

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