Sugarhill Gang / Positive Force “Rapper’s Delight /  We Got The Funk”

Sugarhill Gang / Positive Force “Rapper’s Delight / We Got The Funk”

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Sugarhill Gang / Positive Force
Rapper’s Delight / We Got The Funk
Streetwave (UK)
SWAVE 6 (12”)
sleeve : EX-(SRW,一 some slightly dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly surface noises caused by slightly wear and hairlines.)

This 12-inch single couples two of Sugarhill Gang and Positive Force's most popular songs, released in 1985 on Streetwave, a London-based label that released a number of licensed disco, boogie, and electro records. The A-side, from Sugarhill Gang's 1980 album "Sugarhill Gang," is considered one of the first hip-hop songs to appear on the American music scene. The B-side by Positive Force is one of the most popular songs from the first album "Positive Force" released by Sugarhill Records in 1980, and has been loved as a dance classic for many years

A: Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight”
B: Positive Force “We Got The Funk”

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