Sumire Yoshihara "Flashing"

Sumire Yoshihara "Flashing"

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打楽器の世界 Vol.1
Camerata (Japan) 1979
CMT-1010 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX(SRW, light wear on corner.)
media : EX+/EX-(some slightly surface noises.)

Sumire Yoshihara is a Japanese percussionist who performed at the Meta-Musik Festival in Berlin, Germany in 1976, and premiered Toshi Ichiyanagi's percussion composition "Arrangements". Digitally recorded at Iruma Civic Hall, the album features Maki Ishii's "Gray Wanderings II (1978)" on the A-side and Masanori Fujita's "Ichi no Gotoshi" on the B-side, which was commissioned for this work. On the B side, the echoes of metal percussion instruments have a great body sonic effect. Cut at 45 rpm for high quality.

A: 灰色の彷徨II(打楽器のための1978)
B: 一如(いちのごとし)

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