Sumire Yoshihara “The Music Space of Percussion II”

Sumire Yoshihara “The Music Space of Percussion II”

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打楽器の世界 II
Camerata (Japan) 1980
CMT-1027 (LP) w/obi(slightly dirts.)
sleeve : EX+
media : NM-/NM-(some very slightly noises, still fine.)

Sumire Yoshihara, a Japanese percussionist who has been highly acclaimed overseas, including an appearance at the 1976 Meta-Musik Festival in Berlin, Germany, presided over by Walter Bachauer, who has recorded three masterpieces for Innovative Communication under the name Clara Mondshine. She also premiered Toshi Ichiyanagi's percussion composition "Arrangements".
This is the second release in the series "The World of Percussion", which began in 1979 and was released in 1981. It features compositions by three Japanese composers, Norio Fukushi, Masanori Fujita and Michio Kitazume. A1, by Norio Fukushi, is a score for solo percussion, consisting of a proliferative range of certain constants and non-constants, cycling through five parts: wood, metal, leather, metal and wood. B1, by Masanori Fujita, consists of struck notes and silent called “ma” means “space”, focusing only on rhythm. Michio Kitazume's B2 is a duo with Morihisa Kato's bass clarinet, in which the introductory notes are transformed in various ways to form a chain.

A1: Ground I
B1: 一如 I

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