Susumu Miyashita "The Sanjugen"

Susumu Miyashita "The Sanjugen"

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デジタル超絶のサウンド : 三十絃
Victor (Japan) 1981
SGS-26 (LP) w/obi(light dirts), insert.
sleeve : VG+(SRW, dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(light surface noises.)

This is a 30-stringed koto album released in 1981 from Victor's "Amazing Digital Sound" series, in which classical Japanese instruments such as the shakuhachi, flute and koto are recorded and cut using the latest technology of the time. It features music and performances by Susumu Miyashita, a 30-string koto player who has transcended the boundaries of classical music as a composer of modern koto music. The first side is a collaboration of 30-stringed koto and a performance using bronze bells, sandpaper bells, and many other percussion instruments from East and West. The B-side features a solo performance by the 30-stringed instrument. This is a wonderful piece of modern Japanese music.

A: 銀河系宇宙のひびき - 天海
B: 越天楽今様変奏

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