Swami Shiva Nanda Radha “Mantras”

Swami Shiva Nanda Radha “Mantras”

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Swami Shiva Nanda Radha
Mantras ‘Songs of Yoga’
Private pressing. (US) 1973
none (LP)
sleeve : VG+(SRW, wear on edge and corner, slightly dirts.)
media : VG+/VG+(some light surface noises and click noises caused by light wear and hairlines.)

The album was released independently in 1973 by Swami Shiva Nanda Radha, an American woman who embraced the life of renunciation known as Sannyasa in the four stages of Hindu life called Ashrama. The album features songs for yoga and meditation, and despite the sitar being played in the cover photo, Swami Shiva Nanda Radha sings along with the accompaniment of the harmonium in this work, leading a life of renunciation away from desires and busyness. The oriental melodies of the Indian scale, as incorporated in many works of Don Cherry from the 60s to the 70s, are evident in this album.

A1: Krishna Invocation
B2: Hari Om

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