T. Shimazu, B. Schaeffer, R. Enstrom “Inventionen”

T. Shimazu, B. Schaeffer, R. Enstrom “Inventionen”

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Takehito Shimazu, Boguslav Schaeffer, Rolf Enstrom
Edition RZ (Germany) 1985
ERZ 3 (LP)
sleeve : EX(slightly color-faded.)
media : M/M

This is a split album released in 1985 from the German contemporary music/electronic music label Edition RZ, led by Robert Zank, who has presented numerous experimental works including John Cage, David Tudor, and Iannis Xenakis. The album features three tracks by Japanese composer Takehito Shimazu, who taught at the Berlin Art School alongside Korean contemporary musician Isang Yun, Polish composer Boguslav Schaeffer active since the 1960s, and Swedish composer Rolf Enstrom, a graduate of the Electronic Music Studio (EMS). All three tracks showcase experimental and cosmic electronic music with a musique concrète-inspired approach, and they are incredibly intense. However, the highlight is A1 by Takehito Shimazu, which generates a weightless state with various electronic sounds floating and scattering in the midst of silence, creating a highly stimulating experience. It feels like being bathed in the radiation of subtle electronic sounds. The item is new old stock and unused. There is slight fading on the sleeve due to age-related deterioration.

A1: Takehito Shimazu “Zytoplasma”
A2: Boguslav Schaeffer “Maa’ts”
B1: Rolf Enstrom “Fractal”

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