Takahiro Sonoda “Ishii, Yuasa, Mizuno - Music Now for Piano”

Takahiro Sonoda “Ishii, Yuasa, Mizuno - Music Now for Piano”

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石井真木、湯浅譲二、水野修孝 - Music Now for Piano
Nippon Columbia (Switzerland) 1980
CA 117 (LP) Spread jacket with booklet
sleeve : EX(Some very light stains inside the spread)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is an album released in 1971 by pianist Takahiro Sonoda, who was discovered by Karajan on his first visit to Japan in 1954, and after moving to Europe, gave many performances mainly in Europe and became a soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1959. The album features works by Japanese avant-garde composers such as Maki Ishii, Joji Yuasa, and Shuko Mizuno. Encounter" (A1) by Maki Ishii Composers, a duo performance with shakuhachi player Katsuya Yokoyama, is a parallel performance of two independent pieces that can be played independently of each other, and the performers are free to choose when to play them. The timing of the performance is entirely up to the performer, creating a music of indeterminacy, where the same performance is never repeated. Joji Yuasa's "Projection Esemplastic for Piano," B1, for Yuji Takahashi, was composed with a graphic score of 12 figures, which the performer could play in any order, taking into account the overall plastic form. Toru Takemitsu has also performed it again.

A1: 石井真木 “遭遇I - 尺八曲とピアノ曲”
B1: 湯浅譲二 “プロジェクション・エセムプラスティック”

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