Taneo Wakyama Shachu “Festival Musics for Sacred Dance”

Taneo Wakyama Shachu “Festival Musics for Sacred Dance”

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Taneo Wakyama Shachu
Festival Musics for Sacred Dance
Crown Record (Japan) 1970
SW-5018 (LP) textured sleeve.
sleeve : EX(slightly dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly noises.)

Released in 1970 on Crown Records' <Japanese Ntional Music Series>, this album features performances of kagura-bayashi (Japanese traditional music). Performed by the Wakayama Taneo Company of the Kanda Myojin Workers, which has been designated an Intangible Cultural Asset by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Kagura is Japanese classical music played at shrines as a worship service and as a ritual music at festivals. This work includes basic kagura-bayashi pieces and a suite of kagura-bayashi arranged by Wakayama. The beat and melody are very familiar to the Japanese, but there is also an improvisational element called "random beat," which is very interesting to listen to again. The recording and cutting are excellent, and the sound of flutes and drums come alive in the sound field.

A: 神楽囃子(基本曲)
B: 神楽囃子(組曲)

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