Telesoniek Atelier “A Selection of Improvisations 1989-2017”

Telesoniek Atelier “A Selection of Improvisations 1989-2017”

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Telesoniek Atelier
A Selection of Improvisations 1989-2017
Not on Label (Holland) 2022
HK001 (2LP) gatefold sleeve.
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

This is a compilation album consisting of tracks created by the Dutch musician Hans Kulk under the project Telesoniek Atelier, who has been quietly experimenting with electronic music for years, owning a vast array of synthesizers and recording equipment. Spanning from 1989 to 2017, the recordings on this double album showcase improvisational performances utilizing synthesizers such as SCI, Oberheim, and ARP, among others. These recordings were re-edited in 2021 for the release of this album, resulting in minimalist and simple phrases gradually evolving over time, creating an incredibly deep sonic space. While reminiscent of church music, it also evokes a cosmic perspective akin to Manuel Gottsching's "New Age of Earth," revealing the spiritual essence of Kulk's work. This sound is highly intriguing and recommended for fans of Terry Riley and Steve Reich.

A1: Chateauroux
B2: I Am

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