The Apples "This is Apples"

The Apples "This is Apples"

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The Apples
This is Apples
Atlantic (Japan) 1976
L-10051 A (LP) Promotional copy
sleeve : VG+(DJS,RW,SPSE:Cracks on the back, scratches on the sides and corners)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight chirping noise due to light scratches/ Some light chirping noise.)

This is the first and only album released in 1976 by the Apples, a chorus group consisting of the three Niisato sisters Leona, Clara and Lyrica, who later changed their name to EVE and worked extensively as studio musicians. The B-side contains six covers of Western music. On the B-side are six covers of Western music. Even with the lyrics in Japanese, the singer's vocals are outstanding, and the tracks are danceable and full-blown disco, soul, and funk. The backing music is also excellent. In particular, B6, a cover of The Pointer Sisters, is the best. I think this album was intended to compete with Candy's, but it might have been more successful if they could sublimate disco and soul into catchy pop songs like Pink Lady, who debuted the same year. It seems that this album was too authentic to be accepted by the general public. That's a good thing, though. There is no obi/insert.

A1: ひげのおまわりさん
B4: Dirty Ol'Man
B6: Love in Them There Hills

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