The Concord Strings Quartet “Black Angels (Images 1) / Strings in Four Parts”

The Concord Strings Quartet “Black Angels (Images 1) / Strings in Four Parts”

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The Concord Strings Quartet (George Crumb / John Cage)
Black Angels (Images 1) / Strings in Four Parts
Turnabout (US) 1973
TV-S 34610 (LP)
sleeve : EX(very slightly dirts on some parts of back.)
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly surface noises. intro of A1 has some slightly hairlines that does not affect to sounds. side B has some light click noises.)

Released in 1973, this album features works by George Crumb, an American contemporary musician who devoted many years to music education as a university teacher, and John Cage, a composer who undoubtedly revolutionized the world of contemporary music in the 20th century. The Concord Strings Quartet, consisting of Mark Sokol, Andrew Jennings, John Kochanowski, and Norman Fischer, performs "Black Angels (Images 1)," composed by Crumb, in which the strings moan like crows cawing. Cage's "Strings in Four Parts" is a string ensemble that progresses at a leisurely pace throughout the piece, which is composed of movements with a structure as precise as a mathematical formula.

A: George Crumb “Black Angels (Images 1)”
B: John Cage “Strings in Four Parts”

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