The Hafler Trio “Three Ways of Saying Two”

The Hafler Trio “Three Ways of Saying Two”

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The Hafler Trio
Three Ways of Saying Two - The Netherlands Lectures
Charrm (UK) 1986
CHARRM 3 (LP) w/booklet.
sleeve : VG+(SRW, SOC, collapse on one corner, dirts.)
media : VG+/VG+(some scratched noises caused by slightly wear.)

Album released in 1986 by The Hafler Trio, an experimental music unit formed in the early 80s by Andrew McKenzie, Chris Watson and fictional scientist Dr. Edward Moolenbeek. It is a recording of three live performances in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1986, featuring Dr Edward Moolenbeek giving a lengthy speech to the audience against a backdrop of writhing noise, electronic and concrete sounds, in what they call a 'lecture'. It is a very interesting soundscape recorded with modified binaural microphones. The artwork is also very good, including a jacket with just a sticker on a plain sleeve, a disc with just etching without a label, and a booklet with illustrations and details of the lectures.

A1: First Way Of Saying Two
B2: Third Way Of Saying Two

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