The Monks of the Eiheiji “Zen - Shikandaza”

The Monks of the Eiheiji “Zen - Shikandaza”

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The Monks of the Eiheiji
Zen - Shikandaza
Philips (Japan) 1971
PH-7501~2 (2LP) Box Set. gatefold sleeve. w/booklet
Box : VG+(SRW, slightly dirts.)
Sleeve : EX+(SOC)
Book : EX+
media : EX/EX,EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Eiheiji Temple is the head temple of the Soto school, a branch of Zen Buddhism located in Yoshida County, Fukui Prefecture. This 2-disc box set was released in 1971 and features sutra readings and performances of Buddhist instruments by monks of Eiheiji Temple under the supervision of Koji Sato, who studied Buddhism from the perspective of psychology. Starting with the sound of bells resounding with the sounds of nature and the morning event of chanting the Heart Sutra, this valuable work allows the listener to listen to the sounds and music of various scenes, including Zen questions and answers, begging for alms, and the Fugan Zazen ritual, all of which contain the overtones of the monks' daily lives. The booklet includes an interview with the chief priest of Eiheiji Temple, contributions by Taro Okamoto and recording engineer Makoto Fujioka, and other explanations of Zen from various angles, including art, music, and medicine. The binding is also very beautiful, including the gatefold sleeve made of a combination of Japanese paper.

A1: 永平寺の朝
D1: 普勧座禅儀

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