The Monks of the Rinzai-School “Zen Shoko-Kyakka”

The Monks of the Rinzai-School “Zen Shoko-Kyakka”

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The Monks of the Rinzai-School
Zen Shoko-Kyakka
Philips (Japan) 1971
PH-7513~14 (2LP) Box Set. gatefold sleeve w/booklet.
box : VG+(some light wear, light dirts.)
sleeve : VG+(some light dirts.)
media : EX/EX,EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This two-vinyl box set was released by Philips in 1971 under the supervision of Professor Shizuo Kimura, who is the director of the Institute for Zen Studies and has written extensively on Buddhism and Zen from a variety of perspectives, including philosophy and psychology. It includes sutra readings and performances of Buddhist instruments by monks of the Zen in Rinzai sects, one of the branches of Kamakura Buddhism. The recordings were made at the largest Zen temple in Japan, Myoshin-ji, Shofuku-ji in Kobe, and Shokoku-ji and Daitoku-ji in Kyoto. This is a very valuable field recording of the various activities of the temple, from the opening of the gate in the morning to the reading of sutras, the Laozi Dharma words, the tea offering ceremony and the anniversary of the founding of the temple. The sutra on the anniversary of the founding of Myoshinji Temple, the "Ryogonju", is the highlight. It contains gatefold sleeve made of black Japanese paper and coloured paper, and the sutra booklet with the Ryogonju and commentary.

A1: 祥福寺 “朝の行持”
C1: 妙心寺 開山忌 “楞厳呪”

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