The Music of Frank Denyer “Wheat”

The Music of Frank Denyer “Wheat”

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The Music of Frank Denyer
Orchid (UK) 1984
OR 3 (LP)
sleeve : EX+(one very small and slightly dirts on back, still good condition.)
media : NM-/NM-(some very slightly surface noises, still fine condition.)

An album released in 1984 by Frank Denyer, a British composer living and working in East Africa and India, Denyer seems to be an artist who has left behind compositions that use diverse sources, including instruments invented and modified by Denyer himself and traditional instruments from outside the West. The piece introduces shakuhachi (bamboo flute) by Yoshikazu Iwamoto, a Japanese shakuhachi player based in the U.K., percussion by a percussionist, and other elements to present a novel approach to contemporary music. It is not a fusion of classical and contemporary music, nor is it improvisation, but it has a mysterious atmosphere and is very interesting in that it evokes a unique oriental pause, like contemporary Japanese hogaku, Noh, or kyogen. B3 is reminiscent of Orquesta De Las Nubez. Please give it a listen.

A1: On, on - it must be so
B3: Voices

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