Tokuhide Niimi, Kazuaki Ogikubo "Kotoba Asobi Uta"

Tokuhide Niimi, Kazuaki Ogikubo "Kotoba Asobi Uta"

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新実徳英, 荻久保和明 作品集
ことばあそびうた, ことばあそびうた II, 季節へのまなざし
Victor (Japan) 1983
SJX-1150 (LP) Obi(WC), insert(WC)
sleeve : VG+(WC,Some light stains)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight dust noise / Some light dust noise in some parts)

This is a collection of works released in 1983 by Tokuhide Niimi, who has written many choral pieces since the 1970s and whose "Ansarage" in 1977 was his first work, and Kazuaki Ogikubo, who has composed for orchestra and chorus and is known for his "Jomon Series" for chorus. The A-side, by Tokuhide Niimi, is a collection of poems by the poet Shuntaro Tanikawa, "Kotoba Asobi Uta," set to music. The B-side by Kazuaki Ogikubo is a piece of music by Kaihiko Itoh with simple words and a rhythmic syncopated melody, and the sound of the words is also very interesting.

A6: ことばあそびうた II - うとてとこ
B2: 季節へのまなざし - のびる

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