Toru Takemitsu “Silk Road”

Toru Takemitsu “Silk Road”

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Victor (Japan) 1982
SGS-30 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : NM-
media : EX+/EX+(一部わずかにチリノイズが入る箇所あり)

This album was released in 1981 by the late Toru Takemitsu, one of Japan's greatest composers. Excerpts were composed for the video disc work "Silk Road (China)" by photographer Kishin Shinoyama, and were composed in collaboration with Ken Tanaka, a student of the famous Korean composer Yoo Isang. The piece was composed on the theme of various Chinese landmarks associated with the Silk Road, such as Xian, the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, and Guilin. The orchestra is composed by the Tokyo Concerts and includes Hichiriki, a wind instrument used in gagaku and kagura. You can also hear synthesizer-like sounds.

B2: 故宮
B6: 汽車

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