Toshi Ichiyanagaki "Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi II"

Toshi Ichiyanagaki "Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi II"

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Toshi Ichiyanagi
Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi II
Camerata (Japan) 1985
CMT-4026 (LP) w/obi.
sleeve : NM
media : EX-/EX(some slightly surface noises. side A has one small hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

This album was released in 1985 and contains four compositions by Toshi Ichiyanagi, a leading composer of minimal music who was one of the first in Japan to be exposed to the music of John Cage and to introduce his theories to his own compositional method, and who introduced John Cage and other American avant-garde music to Japan in the early 1960s. A1 is scored for solo violin, A2 is scored for solo oboe, B1 is scored for solo sho, a traditional Japanese instrument used in gagaku (ancient court music), and B2 is scored for solo piano. Hamao Fujiwara (violin), James P. Ostryniec (oboe), Mayumi Miyata (saxophone), and Izumi Shimura (piano) participate in each piece as performers. The ambience of B1, in which a set of very sustained sounds floating quietly in space while emitting multiple tones at the same time, is wonderful; the solo piano of B2 is a unique minimalism, like a random construction of inconsistent single notes.

B1: 星の輪
B2: タイム・シークエンス

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