Toshi Tsuchitori “Breath”

Toshi Tsuchitori “Breath”

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Breath - Solo Voice
D.Y.M. Records (US) 1980
DYM 002 (LP)
sleeve : SS
media : SS

This album was featured in the guidebook "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITION".

Toshiyuki Tsuchitori was active in the field of free jazz in the 1970s, playing in sessions with artists such as Motoki Takagi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Milford Graves and Derek Bailey. Since then, he has continued his unique and unrivaled activities, always in deep pursuit of his own musicality, such as restoring and playing instruments from the Jomon and Yayoi periods.

This album was released in 1980, and produced during the period when he was based in New York. In addition to studio recordings, the album includes live recordings from Switzerland, France and Australia, with solo performance of throat flute, which emits ultra-high overtones using a unique vocalization method, the artist also gives a superb performance with the bamboo flute, harmonium and throat flute at the same time. This is the ultimate piece of music where the vibration of overtones shakes your cells in a pleasant way.

This is an unopened archival copy and will be given to you as-is. The sample was recorded from a different vinyl. Please note that due to the long term tightening of the shrink wrapping, there may be some distortion and paper rubbing on the vinyl.

A1: Breath 1 - Natural Voice Vibration
B1: Breath 5 - Natural Voice with Harmonium and Wind

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