Toshiro Mayuzumi “Hannya-Shingoh”

Toshiro Mayuzumi “Hannya-Shingoh”

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黛敏郎 / 東京交響楽団 / 高田好胤
交声曲 般若心経
Warner Pioneer (Japan) 1975
L-10001W (LP) textured gatefold sleeve. w/obi(stains), booklet.
sleeve : VG+(SOC, stains.)
media : VG+/VG+(some light surface noises caused by slightly hairlines.)

This album, released in 1975, contains the actual recording of the syllabic piece "Hannya Shingyo" presented on the TV program "Untitled Concert," which is still aired today. Toshiro Mayuzumi, who was interested in the inevitable and accidental compound sounds of the sutra chanting by many monks based on the rhythms spontaneously generated from the sutras, composed this piece with the intention of creating a modern musical tone cluster with an orchestra performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, sutra reading by Yoshitane Takada, a monk of the Hoso sect, and a chorus of 3,000 listeners. The B-side contains a lecture by Yoshitane Takada and the Kannon Sutra recorded at Yakushiji Temple in Nara.

A1: 交声曲 般若心経
B2: 観音経

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