Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso "S.T."

Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso "S.T."

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Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso
Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso
African (France) 1974
360.055 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : EX-(SPSE: 4cm light collapse on top edge, 2cm light collapse on bottom edge.)
media : NM/NM

Trio Madjesi was formed by three singer-songwriters, Mario aka Buana Kitoko, Loko Masengo Djeskain and Saak Saakul Sinatra, and was active between 1972 and 1978. This artist compilation album was released in 1974 and features some of the best songs by this group. The backing band is the Orchestre Sosoliso, who specialise in jazz and soul, and the whole album is a wonderful experience of the true spirit of rumba congolese, which has developed through the fusion of Cuban rumba and West African popular music with Congolese traditional music. It features shouting and spoken word. The minimal, flowing electric guitars and funky beats show influences from Afrobeat, Juju and other Nigerian music.

A1: Photo Madjesi 1 et 2
A3: Il Est Mechant
B4: Cinema

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