Tytti-Leena Laasanen “Sininen Ajatus”

Tytti-Leena Laasanen “Sininen Ajatus”

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Tytti-Leena Laasanen
Sininen Ajatus
Olarin Musiikki (Finland) 1988
OMLP 14 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: 7cm crack on top.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light noises.)

An album released in 1988 by Tytti-Leena Laasanen, a performer of the traditional Finnish string instrument, the kantele. Resembling a zither in form, its origin is said to be rooted in Finnish mythology. Laasanen received guidance from her grandfather, a renowned instrument maker and player, and her father and siblings are also active as kantele instructors. Its sound is akin to the piano-like plucked strings of a harpsichord, yet with a delicacy and rustic melodic scale that resonates with Japanese audiences, evoking nostalgia.

B1: Ritariperhonen
B4: Sininen ajatus

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