Univeria Zekt "The Unnamables"

Univeria Zekt "The Unnamables"

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Univeria Zekt
The Unnamables
Cryonic (France) 1986
MAD 3017 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : NM(SOC)
media : NM/NM

Christian Vander, Teddy Lasry, Yochk'o Seffer and many other important figures of the French progressive rock/jazz rock scene, including Magma, came together to make the only album under the name of Univeria Zekt in 1971. As the title suggests, the long track B1 is reminiscent of Africa, while the ethnic elements on this album show the maturity of the French rock scene at that time, with technical and high potential psychedelic avant jazz rock. The organic and pensive tracks like A3 are also great. This is a reissue from Cryonic in 1986.

A3: Clementine
A5: Ourania
B1: Africa Anteria

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