Unknown Artist “Gyeong-eum-ag-ui Sanchaeg 6jib”

Unknown Artist “Gyeong-eum-ag-ui Sanchaeg 6jib”

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Unknown Artist
Gyeong-eum-ag-ui Sanchaeg 6jib
Dai Han Record (South Korea) 1976
ORG-006 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(SRW, TEOC, SPSE/TOC: tear and tape on top and bottom. wear on edge.)
media : EX-/VG+(some light surface noises caused by slightly wear and hairlines. center hole on side B is slightly off.)

This is an instrumental album released by Dai Han Record in Korea in 1976. The performers are unknown, but they are probably the label's own studio musicians. Subtitled "Night Music for the Young," the album features popular songs, rock and blues by Anchi Haeng, Lee Yo-seop and other Korean composers, arranged in groovy mood jazz with cheap electric organ and adult saxophone. The music is loungy, but with a song-like atmosphere, which is what makes this kind of Korean instrumental music so special. It also includes a nice arrangement of "Back to the Busan Port", which was a big hit in Japan sung by Cho Yonpiru. The whole album is a very enjoyable piece.

The center hole on side B is slightly off, so the sound is slightly distorted as a needle move toward the inner edge. But, still enjoyable.

A1: Odong ip
A9: Jo yag dol seu
B1: Dol-awayo busanhang-e

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