Unknown Artist “Keompyuteo Deuleom Deuleom!! Je 3 Jib”

Unknown Artist “Keompyuteo Deuleom Deuleom!! Je 3 Jib”

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Unknown Artist
Keompyuteo Deuleom Deuleom!! Je 3 Jib
Asia Records (South Korea) 1979
ALS-733 (LP)
¥sleeve : VG(RW, TEOC: mark of peel-off of tape on three side. SPSE: tear on two corners. wear.)
media : VG+/VG+(some light surface noises and click noises caused by scratches.)

This album was released in 1979 by Asia Record, a Korean label founded in the late 60s and still in operation today. The performers are unknown, but it is an instrumental medley of non-stop trot music by Park Si-chun and other composers representing Korean popular songs such as Kim Yong-hwan and Jaeho Lee. The most characteristic feature is the breaks part played between each song, where the galactic disco sound appears one after another, making full use of funky drums and analog synthesizers. This is one of the best pieces of strange stuff. If you can make your own edits, why not give it a try?

A1: Gamgyeog Sidae
A5: Gunsa Upyeon
A10: Sonyeoui Kkum
B3: GIbyeoi-ui Busan Jeong-geojang

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