Urban Dance “S.T.”

Urban Dance “S.T.”

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Urban Dance
Urban Dance
Non-Stanaed (Japan) 1985
25NS-3 (LP) w/insert. no obi originally. original sticker on sleeve.
sleeve : NM-(SOC, very slightly wrinkle on one corner, still fine.)
media : NM/NM


The first album released in 1985 by Urban Dance, a unit consisting of Shinobu Narita's solo project and Koichi Matsumoto and Kengo Koyama. The album was released on the Non-Standard label run by Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi. Yukihiro Takahashi produced the album and participated in drum samples and adjunct vocals, while Haruomi Hosono and Takashi Kokubo handled electronics and synthesizer operations. Minako Yoshida contributed lyrics to the song. The entire album is a cutting edge new wave that combines electronic sounds with a new romantic sensibility, using the Fairlight CMI and Roland MC-4 micro-composer. Although they didn't become as big a hit as Ippudo, you could say they are a twin-peaked group.

A1: Why
B1: Hammer

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