V.A. “Taiko no Shirabe”

V.A. “Taiko no Shirabe”

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Various Artists
Denon (Japan) 1982
OZ-7058-ND (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(Some light stains)
media : EX/EX-(一a slight dust noise,B:Some light dust noise)

This is an album of performances of taiko drums, a Japanese folk art, released in 1982 from the PCM Digital Recording series, a non-linear digital recording series that Denon was working on at the time. The album features Sado no Onidaiko from Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, also known as Onidaiko-za, formed by Tako, Kokura Gion Taiko from Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Edo no Matsuri Taiko, Osuwa Taiko from Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, original compositions by Kenda Kizaku, and Hogaku Hayashi composed by Tosha Suimine, known as a Nohkan player. All of the pieces are wonderfully performed, appealing to the soul, but be sure to pay attention to A3, in which large and small taiko drums beat to a lively beat with flutes, and B1, an impressive experimental composition by Kizaku Kenda, a master of modern hogaku (traditional Japanese music) ringing instruments, which is similar to minimal music.

A3: 諏訪御柱木遣り ~ 飛竜三段返し
B1: 助六太鼓と小鼓のお話

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