V.A. "Esashi-Oiwake Concert Series by Masters (Minyo)"

V.A. "Esashi-Oiwake Concert Series by Masters (Minyo)"

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Various Artists
豪華盤 江差追分 名人競演集
Victor (Japan) 1977
SJV-6107/8 (2LP) spread-leaf jacket
sleeve : EX-(Some side/corner wear)
media : EX-/EX-,EX/EX(Slight dust noise / Some light dust noise in some parts)

This 2CD album contains songs by 12 singers who are considered masters of Esashi Oiwake, a folk song from Esashi-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido. Haruomi Hosono was attracted by the charm of Esashi Oiwake, which he fused with Arabic music to create a spiritual ambient sound in his 1989 masterpiece Omni Sight Seeing. You can enjoy the wonderful Esashi Oiwake sung by a master singer.

A2: 小笠原次郎 "松前江差の"
B2: 市戸修 "大島小島の"

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