V.A. "Danses Traditionnelles De L'Indie"

V.A. "Danses Traditionnelles De L'Indie"

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Various Artists
インドの音楽 II - リタ・デーヴィの民族舞踊
Barclay (Japan) 1973 GT-5014 (LP) Obi
sleeve : EX-(Some dirt on the back)
media : EX+/EX(a slight dust noise)

This is an album of dance music from the eastern Indian state of Assam and South India, released in 1973 from the "Folk Music Series" supervised by Fumio Koizumi, a leading researcher of folk music in Japan, and music critic Toyo Nakamura, who introduced folk music from around the world to Japan. As described in detail in the obi and the commentary, this is an album that allows you to enjoy Indian classical dance music based on Hindu myths and ancient epics in its entirety, and you can hear Indian rhythms and performances with a variety of instruments that are different from sitar ragas with a lively sound.

A1: オリッシ - アハルヤの神話の抜粋
A3: カターカリ - プタナ・モクチャムの抜粋

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