V.A. “Ecripse / Gendai Hougaku Meisaku-shu”

V.A. “Ecripse / Gendai Hougaku Meisaku-shu”

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Various Artists
Victor (Japan) 1971
SJX-7522 (LP) 1st. pressing w/obi.
MAT: 1-1-1, 1-2-1
sleeve : EX+(very slightly color-faded, still good.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Originally released on Victor in 1971, this album contains masterpieces of contemporary Japanese music by three composers, including Toru Takemitsu, Yoshio Mamiya and Masao Matsumoto. The A-side "Eclipse (Touch)" by Takemitsu is a duet of shakuhachi (bamboo flute) by Katsuya Yokoyama and biwa (lute) by Kinji Tsuruta, and is Takemitsu's first work using traditional Japanese instruments. B1 is a work for four kotos by Yoshio Mamiya, performed by Sumiko Goto, Akiko Yazaki, Teiko Kikuchi and Mitoko Takahata. B2 is a work for koto composed by Masao Matsumoto, which uses a double-rhythm technique based on rhythmic opposition. Each of these pieces, written for Japanese instruments, presents a different attitude towards traditional music, traditional instruments and their use. The sound quality is excellent, as only a Japanese recording can be.

A1: Toru Takemitsu “Ecripse for Biwa and Shakuhachi”
B1: Yoshio Mamiya “Music for 4 Kotos”

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