V.A. “Epicurus One”

V.A. “Epicurus One”

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Various Artists
エピキュラス 1
Yamaha (Japan) 1977
YM-1017 (LP) textured gatefold sleeve. w/obi.
sleeve : EX(some very slightly dirts inside of gatefold sleeve.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

This is a not-for-sale record produced in 1977 to introduce the technology of Epicurus Studio, a recording studio built in the 1970s by Nippon Gakki Seizo (YAMAHA). It features the classic A1 from the 1973 album "Blow Up" by the Isao Suzuki Trio & Quartet, B1 from the 1976 album "The Big 4" by George Kawaguchi and the Big 4, Mari Nakamoto, Shoji Yokouchi Quartet, Yama & Jiro's Wave, Toshio Oïda, Toshiyuki Miyama & New Hard, were re-recorded at Epicurus Studios. All of the tracks were recorded and mixed for this album by Yoshihiko Kannari, the resident engineer at Epicurus Studios, and were cut to a wonderfully high quality. This is a piece that allows you to enjoy a performance and sound quality that is different from the music on each artist's original album. Inside the spread is a detailed description of the instrument layout and microphone settings for each station.

A1: Isao Suzuki “Aqua Marine”
B1: George Kawaguchi’s Big 4 “Sleepy’s Funk”

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