V.A. "Jazz, Rock Nachwuchs Festival Pop '80"

V.A. "Jazz, Rock Nachwuchs Festival Pop '80"

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Various Artists
Jazz, Rock Nachwuchs Festival Pop '80
CBS (Holland) 1981
CBS 84846 (LP)
sleeve : EX(corner rubbing)
media : EX/EX

This is a live recording album released in 1981, compiling songs by artists who participated in the Nachwuchs Festival held in Hamburg, Germany in 1978. Artists of various styles such as jazz, rock, folk, pop, etc. participated in the festival, but it was so minor that I hardly recognized any of them except Zoff, Naima, and Jurgen Schmitt. The album contains many excellent performances, such as funky jazz rock A2 by Mainpoint, and straight-ahead modern jazz B5 by Marque Lowenthal Quartett. After all, jazz/jazz rock artists are pretty good. (Chee)

A2: Mainpoint "Frisbee"
B5: Marque Lowenthal Quartett "Morning Joyflight"

folk   jazz   jazz rock   pops   rock  
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