V.A. "La Zona"

V.A. "La Zona"

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Various Artists
La Zona - Una Recopilacion de Nueva Musica Espanola
Discos Esplendor Geometrico (Spain) 1988
EG 014 (LP) 2nd. pressing
sleeve : NM-(SOC)
media : NM-/NM-(some slightly surface noises. still fine condition.)

Discos Esplendor Geometrico is a Spanish deep-core industrial label run by Gabriel Riaza and Andres Noarbe that has produced works by some of the world's most extraordinary artists, including Mecanica Popular, Asmus Tetchens, and Conrad Schnitzler. This is the label's compilation release in 1988. Gabriel Riaza; Esplendor Geometrico, a label group by Arturo Lanz and Juan Carlos Sastre; Macromassa, the label's flagship group; Victor Nubla, the solo artist at the heart of Macromassa; Orfeon Gagarin, a project by Miguel Angel Ruiz under various names; Comando Bruno, a project by Rafael Flores; Jabir, an artist who combines electronics and ethnic music; Mario Ruiz, a project by Rafael Flores; and the group's flagship group, Macromassa. These 8 artists have recorded 8 songs that are so intense with avant-garde and experimental sounds that they are swallowed by the vortex of noise, industrial, drone, minimal, and other sounds that overflow like a flood. All songs are nice. Beautiful copy.

B1: Jabir "Desfile de las Tropas del Emir (version 2)”
B3: 32 Guajar's Faraguit "Menages 6 & 7"

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