V.A. "Mediterranean Moods"

V.A. "Mediterranean Moods"

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Various Artists
Mediterranean Moods
Coloursound Library (Germany) 198x
CS 33 (LP) Coated jacket
sleeve : EX(SOC,corner rubbing)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight dust noise due to thin and fine scratches/Some light dust noise)

This is a library work from Coloursound, a prestigious German library label, based on the theme of Mediterranean music, which is the traditional folk music of Mediterranean coastal regions such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. In addition to John Tender, a composer who has written many works for the label, Manos Sirtakis and Richard de Goya wrote the music. The songs are mainly played on acoustic guitars and stringed instruments such as bouzouki and mandolin, and have a rich folklore flavor. B3 is an image of Izmir, a year in Turkey facing the Aegean Sea, and B6 is an image of the Kingdom of Castile in the Iberian Peninsula. (Chee)

B3: Izmir Blue
B6: Castilian Impression

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