V.A. “Mutually Exclusive Music 2” CD

V.A. “Mutually Exclusive Music 2” CD

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Various Artists
Mutually Exclusive Music 2
φonon (Japan) 2020
SPF-014 (CD)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

A compilation album released in 2020 by the φonon label under the supervision of Kaoru Sato of EP-4, featuring five units that manipulate greedy noise machines: Grave Style (Naohiro Ukawa + Jun Morita), Garcid, Fuelphonic, Dave Skipper, and Hataken - who greedily manipulate noisy machines participate. This is modular diversity at its finest.
You're going to crash into a noise hell - supervised by Jun Morita!

One of the first CDs lined up for 2020 is a compilation of works by five units. This is a sequel to the "Mutually Exclusive Music" series released in 2018. The subtitle, "Cohesion and Coupling of Modules," refers to a kind of trick or gimmick in which the mutually exclusive abstraction of programming and patching of electronic instruments is used to invert the relationship between the operator and the effect/result of the musical work. It is a kind of trick or gimmick. It is also the compilation process of this work, which encompasses ambient and harsh noise from the cynical electro-beat concept of the previous work.

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