V.A. “Nippon No Taiko”

V.A. “Nippon No Taiko”

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Various Artists
Nippon No Taiko
Recording Projetc Ltd. (Japan) 1977
SSH-80001 (LP) Private pressing. textured sleeve. w/obi, insert.
sleeve : NM-
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is a obscure album that was released independently by a company called Recording Project in 1977. The Okaya Taiko on the A-side is from the same lineage as the Osuwa Taiko, which is by Oguchi Daihachi's performance, and also features "Hiryu San-dan-gaeshi" and "Suwa Kaminari". The B-side, "Kawanakajima Jindaiko," tells the story of the battle of Kawanakajima, one of the most famous battles of the Warring States period, in which the two generals, Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi, fought each other in single combat. This is music with vibrations that evokes rhythms engraved deep in the subconscious of the Japanese people. <It was produced using a mysterious system called Clear Sound MK II. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate.

A1: 岡谷太鼓
B1: 川中島陣太鼓

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