V.A. “Polyphonix 1 Premiere Anthologie Sonore”

V.A. “Polyphonix 1 Premiere Anthologie Sonore”

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Various Artists
Polyphonix 1 Premire Anthologie Sonore
Multhipla Records (Italy) 1982
M20128 (LP) gatefold sleeve. w/original inner sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(RW, SPSE/TOC:5cm crack and tape on bottom. wear on edge and corner.)
media : VG+/VG+(some slightly surface noises caused by slightly hairlines and slightly wear.)

Released in 1982 on Multhipla Records, a sub-label of Cramp Records founder Gianni Sassi, the album is a compilation directed by Julien Blaine, Francois Dufrene, and Bernard Heidsieck of poets, philosophers, and other cultural figures who participated in Polyphonix, an experimental collective hallucinatory art festival held between 1979 and 1981. It aims to create the spirit of a giant collective sculpture. There are many interesting moments, such as the prose poem that pursues only the sound beyond the meaning of words, and the one with guitar/percussion/miscellaneous sounds. This is an avant-garde piece that I would like to evaluate as sound art.

There are light scratches and wear on vinyl but they don't affect the playback sound that much.

A3: Hugo Ball/Eberhard Blum "Karawane"
A4: Jean-Francois Bory "Des journées entries dans les virages"
B10: Jerome Rothenberg "Glass Tube Ecstasy for Hugo Ball"

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