V.A. "The Concert of Japanese Contemporary Music"

V.A. "The Concert of Japanese Contemporary Music"

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広瀬量平, 一柳慧、石井真木
CBS/Sony (Japan) 1985
28AC 2026 (LP) Promotional copy, Master Works, Texture Jacket, Inserts
sleeve : EX+(One corner very slightly crushed)
media : NM-/NM-(Some parts may have a slight dust noise.)

This is a live recording album of the concert "An Evening of Japanese Contemporary Music" held in 1984, featuring the works of three Japanese contemporary composers: Ryohei Hirose, Comet Ichiyanagi, and Maki Ishii. Performed by the NHK Symphony Orchestra. A1 by Ryohei Hirose is a concerto for shakuhachi and orchestra, one of a series of works composed for performance by shakuhachi player Kuniyama Yamamoto. Like his other works such as "Seasons" and "Oukanraku", it is said to show a series of linked forms of memory and circulation based on landscape scenes. B1 by Maki Ishii is one of a series of "Akebono" works for orchestra, and is an acoustic music using the technique of tone clusters.

A1: 広瀬量平 "尺八とオーケストラのための協奏曲"
A2: 一柳慧 "ヴァイオリン協奏曲「循環する風景」"
B1: 石井真木 "オーケストラのための「曙光」39"

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