V.A. “The Music of Africa Series Musical Instruments 6 - Guitar 1”

V.A. “The Music of Africa Series Musical Instruments 6 - Guitar 1”

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Various Artists
The Music of Africa Series Musical Instruments 6 - Guitar 1
Kaleidophone (US) 1972
KMA 6 (US)
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: small peeling-off on corner, dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light click noises. some background noises due to original master sources.)

This album was released in 1972 as the sixth installment in a series that reproduced field recordings of African folk music from the mid-1960s, originally preserved by the non-profit organization The International Library of African Music in Washington, USA. The series, titled <The Music of Africa>, focuses on 10 works recorded by British ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracy, the founder of the organization who conducted field recordings since the 1920s. This particular album captures traditional and folk music performed with guitars that arrived in Central Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa after the Portuguese ships' arrival in the 17th century. The recordings showcase the melodic and rhythmic guitar performances, paired with chants, in a highly distinctive and rhythmic manner. Despite some background noise inherent to the original sources, the matching of guitar melodies and chants is truly magnificent. It evokes the roots of Francis Bebey, a musician from Cameroon who later worked in France. Highly recommended.

Please note that some background noise is present, originating from the original master sources. The record itself is in clean condition.

A2: Mama na Mwana
A4: Mama Josefina
B1: Muleka Mwene Yombwe

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