V.A. “The Music of Africa Series - Tanzania 1”

V.A. “The Music of Africa Series - Tanzania 1”

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Various Artists
The Music of Africa Series - Tanzania 1”
Kaleidophone (US) 1972
KMA 9 (US)
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: small peeling-off on corners, dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly noises and some light click noises.)

This album, released in 1972, is the ninth installment in a series that reissues field recordings of African folk music from the mid-1960s, originally left by the nonprofit organization The International Library of African Music to the South African label Gallotone. The series is titled "The Music of Africa." The recordings were made by the British ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracy, founder of the organization, who conducted field recordings since the 1920s. This particular album features folk music from eight tribes residing in various regions of Tanzania, East Africa, including the Gogo tribe in Dodoma Province, the Hehe people who are Bantu-speaking agriculturalists in the southern part of Tanzania, and the Haya tribe, part of the Bantu-speaking communities residing to the west of Lake Victoria in northwestern Tanzania. The recordings offer a captivating glimpse into the folk music of these diverse ethnic groups, all of whom inhabit the vast safari-rich landscapes of Tanzania. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of African folk music.

A2: Ngwidika Sadanga Wapamagulu
B4: Mulipe Kodi
B6: Two Harusi Wedding Tune

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