V.A. “The Music of Africa Series - Uganda 1”

V.A. “The Music of Africa Series - Uganda 1”

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Various Artists
The Music of Africa Series - Uganda 1
Kaleidophone (US) 1972
KMA 10 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(light collapse on two corners, wear on corner, dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly noises.)

Released in 1972 as the 10th installment of the album series "The Music of Africa," curated by the non-profit organization The International Library of African Music based in Washington, USA. This collection features field recordings of African folk music and was recorded on-site by the organization's founder, British ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracy, who had been conducting field recordings since the 1920s. The recordings in this album capture the local music of the Ganda and Soga tribes residing in the Republic of Uganda in East Africa. Utilizing indigenous instruments from Uganda, such as the vertical flute known as "Endere," a string instrument called "Endingidi," a drum called "Endamiv," and a type of thumb piano called "Budongo" among others, the album offers a rich exploration of the captivating sounds of these simple yet enchanting ethnic instruments. It provides a wealth of historical and cultural value, presenting a truly remarkable and highly recommended content.

A1: Kikwabanga
A5: Kalagala Ebwmbe
B5: Wamubrigwe

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