V.A. "Transparence"

V.A. "Transparence"

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Various Artists
Musique Pour L'Image (France) 1981
MPI/LP 548 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(WD, SPSE: some peel-off on back, wear ond wrinkle on corner.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is an electronic music album by Patrick Vasori/Jan Yrssen and Conti Eckert on the theme of "Transparence", released on the prestigious French library label Musique Pour L'Image. Abstract tracks such as A3, which stimulates the nerves with a cacophony of synth percussion and mysterious electronic sounds, and B6, in which resonant electronic sounds move through the soundscape to the edge of the universe, to dark drones that seem to suck you into a black hole, that takes you to the inner universe, the entire album is a collection of electronic music with a tremendous sense of trip, similar to Conrad Schnitzler's, ranging from meditative ambient tracks.

A2: Radiations
A3: Fourmis Geantes
B6: Amazonie

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