V.A. "Victor : Contemporary Music of Japan 1"

V.A. "Victor : Contemporary Music of Japan 1"

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山田耕筰 / 尾高尚忠 / 平尾貴四男 / 深井史郎
音詩「曼荼羅の華」 / 日本組曲 / 交響曲「砧」 / パロディ的な4楽章
Victor (Japan) 1979
KVX-5503 (LP) Obi
sleeve : EX(Slightly faded)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1979 as the first installment of Victor's "1500 Contemporary Japanese Music Masterpieces" series. It features music by Kousaku Yamada, Naotada Otaka, Kishio Hirao, and Shiro Fukai, performed by the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra conducted by Shigenobu Yamaoka. The atmosphere is modern classical orchestral, but the "Japanese Suite" by Naotada Otaka (A2) incorporates lullabies, festival music rhythms, and the use of shimedaiko drums to create a sense of Japanese emotion, as the title suggests. The "Symphony Kinuta" by Kishio Hirao in B1 also has elements of Noh.

A2: 日本組曲
B1: 交響曲「砧」

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