V.A. “Zaire - Musique des Salampasu”

V.A. “Zaire - Musique des Salampasu”

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Various Artists
Zaire - Musique des Salampasu
Ocora (France) 1981
558 597 MU 241 (LP) Coated sleeve, w/insert
sleeve : EX (some fading on the back)
media : EX-/NM- (light bend that does not affect playback)

Released in 1981 by Ocora, a prestigious French ethnic music label that has produced many masterpieces of field recordings, this album features the folk music of the Sarampas tribe in the Republic of Zaire (now the Republic of Congo). Commissioned by the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Belgium, the album was recorded in 1973, and features primitive ritual music and thumb piano ensembles singing high-pitched chants, along with minimalist music played on a small zylophone with a board attached to the top of a resonant wooden cylinder, and a conga with a large air cylinder covered with animal skins. It is a valuable work that explores the roots of Congolese popular music, which has become known worldwide through world music movements such as Papa Wemba and Zaiko Langa Langa. This is a valuable work.

The vinyl has light bend, but played problems. The B side is stable. The playback sound is good on both sides.

A2: Tshikola
B5: Kalesa

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