Werner Bartschi “Klang Klavier”

Werner Bartschi “Klang Klavier”

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Werner Bartschi
Klang Klavier
RecRec Music (Switzerland) 1984
REC REC 04 (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(Light Stains)
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This album was released in 1984 by Werner Bartschi, an artist from Zurich, Switzerland who practices music from the late Renaissance to contemporary music. While the previous three albums featured works by Erik Satie and Paul Hindemith from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this album features a score for prepared piano composed by John Cage between 1943 and 1944, as well as contemporary music by Karlheinz This album features contemporary music by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Henry Cowell, and others, performed on piano, synthesizer, and aeolian harp (a kind of wind harp). The most notable piece is A3, a faithful reproduction of a piano and synthesizer score by Thomas Kessler, a composer from Zurich, Switzerland, with floating electronic sounds and random piano sounds that are very interesting.

A1: John Cage “The Perilous Night”
A3: Thomas Kessler “Piano Control”

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